Will Technology Take Your Job?

Technology is creating countless opportunities for people in all areas of employment. But it is also causing concern amongst millions of employees fearful of losing jobs.

Looking the future

Commentators and news headlines from every area of the economy warn that many of today’s jobs will not exist in five to ten years. The timescale for such disruption has shortened and within the timespan of the average career the workplace will be altered beyond comprehension.

In a similar vein, we are told that the majority of jobs that will exist in the years ahead have not yet been invented, which highlights the need to be aware of the changes looming on the horizon. How we use such knowledge to plan ahead is crucial.

Many sectors already experience extraordinary change, as established industries are disrupted. The hotel sector has always prided itself on excellent customer service and competes by attracting and retaining customers. They obsess about looking after visitors as a way to get them to return.

But from nowhere competition appeared in the form of Airbnb, as it offered a model of accommodation for those seeking a sense of connected localness. Hotels find it difficult to compete, as Airbnb provides a different experience. Yet, it provides an example of what every business will face in the next decade, which is challenge from previously unknown entities. Old patterns and promises are under threat from new offerings that satisfy people’s appetite for change and love of technology.

Finding a solution

The question of course is how to make sense of such revolution and how to compete, as new formats appear in unpredictable ways from unexpected directions. Technology will keep changing lives; in some cases for the better, in some cases for the worse. But it’s not perfect. It has limitations, not least, its ability to replicate human traits such as communication and concern. The ability to empathise with people, with customers, with partners, even with competitors will be greatly valued in the future; as it becomes a rare commodity, and one only offered by humans.

One solution is to support the natural qualities of entrepreneurs as they create opportunities, communicate ideas and anticipate customers’ infinite desires. Entrepreneurs, regardless of the prevailing technology, will provide what customers want and, at times, even what they don’t realise they want. They will combat the negative effects of technology by striding ahead of what can be automated or eliminated and by supporting the central role of people in their endeavours. Entrepreneurs will always use technology and develop new technologies but their primary focus will be to serve the needs of customers.

So, technology is threatening jobs in more ways than can be counted and entrepreneurs offer the best hope of finding solutions.