Views Sought On Potential Future Salary Thresholds

Businesses are encouraged to share their views on potential future salary thresholds and points-based commission

In June 2019, the government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out an in depth analysis of potential future salary thresholds and the range at which they could be set.

This salary threshold refers to a key component of the UK’s immigration system. In addition to the salary thresholds, the MAC was also asked to look into an ‘Australian-style’ points-based system and how this might work in the UK.

Call for evidence
The call for evidence seeks views and evidence from anyone with relevant knowledge, expertise or experience to help inform the response. 

MAC strongly welcomes views from a wide range of interested parties from all parts of the UK including businesses, employers, recruiters, trade unions, academics, think tanks, representative bodies and government departments.

Find out more about the call for evidence on potential future salary thresholds and points-based system (PBS) commission.

The consultation closes at 09:00 on 5 November 2019.